Why Outsource?

Real Estate Outsourcing

Many successful large and small concepts use experienced real estate consultants to identify markets, select sites and negotiate leases with cost reduction as the key objective. Savings are realized by eliminating the costs of recruiting staff, salaries, benefits, office space, technology, and communication expenses.

More importantly, outsourcing frees the client’s management team to build on their core competencies while leveraging the expertise of seasoned real estate professionals to provide the right space at the lowest cost. These companies are able to tap into the expertise of highly experienced real estate experts they would likely not otherwise be able to afford.

For today’s operators, the goal is to expand concepts profitably and only when appropriate, rapidly. This requires a disciplined effort, experienced real estate professionals and a quick and informed decision process. Equally important, your outsourced real estate services firm must understand your brand and customer as well as you do.

CCI specializes in the restaurant and retail industries. Having presided over a thousand transactions, our executive team is the right choice for outsourced real estate services.  CCI professionals can be cost-effectively leveraged where and when you their expertise.

CCI is a retainer based organization with a performance fee incentive structure. Performance, which is defined as meeting or exceeding the clients’ expansion goals, ultimately determines how CCI is compensated.