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Many successful retail and restaurant concepts choose to use experienced independent advisors, such as Concept Consulting, to identify the 'right' growth markets, to select ideal sites and to negotiate leases with cost reduction as a key objective.  Savings are realized by eliminating the costs of recruiting staff, salaries, benefits, office space, technology and communications expenses.

More importantly, outsourcing frees the client's management team to build on their core competencies while leveraging the expertise of seasoned industry professionals to find and negotiate the right space at the lowest cost.  The concept owners are able to tap into the expertise of highly experienced experts they may not otherwise be able to afford.


For today's operators, the goal is to expand concepts profitably and, only when appropriate, rapidly.  This requires a disciplined effort, true industry experts who understand prevailing market dynamics and informed decision processes.  Equally important, your outsourced concept expansion advisor must understand your brand and your customers as well as you do.  

Concept Consulting has been trusted by the Nation's leading retail and restaurant concepts with expansion and protection strategies since 2007.  Having presided over a thousand transactions, our team is the right choice for outsourced, hands-on support and guidance.  Moreover, our professionals can be cost-effectively leveraged where and when you need their expertise.  ​Contact us today to discuss how Concept Consulting can team with you to achieve your expansion objectives on a timely, cost-effective basis.  

Why Outsource Your Retail or Restaurant Concept Expansion?

February 5, 2020

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